Bewijs van Bestaan

Someone says that I am, so I am –  I have a past, so I must be –  I am being watched, so I must exist  – I feel something so I must be there – I might be,  because you are  

In “Proof of existence” we are telling the story of a girl named anne. We look for proof of Anne’s virtual presence in a café. Anne is created through of multiplicity of media, she is a girl filled with possible identities.   We follow Anne on a night towards a bar, tracing her where abouts and thoughts.

all photographs by Ivar Hoekstra


This performance is devised from text by playwrights Ayla Schneiders, Jannemieke Caspers and Martin Crimps “Attempts on her life”. It incorporates live-video to registrate Annes whereabouts.

By and with: Charlotte Poos and Tamar Doedens

Premiere at: Cafe ‘t Licht, Cafe Theatre Festival Utrecht, 3-3-2012

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