Tussen het Bijzondere en het Algemene | 2011

In TUSSEN HET BIJZONDERE EN HET ALGEMENE ( Aristoteles, Poetica , 1451 b ) the performer is in the middle of the process. In a process of two months, I collected autobiographical writing from an ensemble. We, as a collective researched the stories that we believe might perform our identity. Which stories do we tell others about ourselves? And how do we use these stories to perform an “I”? In the performance, we tried to show this construction of identity by creating a multiplicity of subject positions within a collective discourse.

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The performance tried to move at the thresholds of fiction/  non-fiction, authenticity/ staging, the peculiar/ the standard and chaos/ order. The spectator experiences a multiplicity of perspectives and acts: the construction of identity.

Regie: Charlotte Poos, Design:Tamar Doedens, Tekst-Editor: Nasja Covers, Productie : Iris Haitink, Assistents: Door Heyne, Margriet Minnema, Audio: Rienk Speelman, Techniek: Guy Toma

Ensemble : Ellen Bijsterbosch, Marcel van der Grijn, Marron Das, Sanne Heijnis,Shana Croonen, Door Heyne, Maya Leutwik , Frank Vloet, Jelle Olthof, Nathan Holscher, Eline Karstens

All Photographs by Igor Corbeau