The Fountainhead | 2015

With the support of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, I created a version of The Fountainhead in the magnificent scenography of Jan Versweyveld at the city theatre of Amsterdam. The performance was the result of an intensive collaboration with the young actors of STA, in which we researched the original text and its meaning for us as young artist. In the staging, we had the luxury of working with the most professional team at the city theatre of Amsterdam. TheFountainhead_LauraSchomakerTheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-23TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-73TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-47TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-63TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-92TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-102TheFountainhead_LauraSchomaker-109