Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller | 2010

The starting point for this performance is the text Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller. We researched the text and its original context. We worked on the question: In what way can we take this text personal? Do we have to pretend as if it is personal?

We found a connection in the syntax of the text. For the staging, we worked with the term: non-matrixed representation (Michael Kirby, 1972). We constantly looked for the bridge between the representation of Heiner Muller’s text and the presentation of ourselves as performers, who are  “merely carrying out certain actions”. The performance was an overabundance of signs, not leading to one meaning, which we found an adequate representation of both the text and ourselves.


Tamar Doedens (design), Lisa Degenhardt (dramaturgy), Maika Knoblich ( light design) Performers: Freya Rijnders, Rineke Roosenboom, Pim Leeuwenkamp, Laura Haman, Ninke Overbeek

30.01.2010  /  31.01.2010  Moira Theatre Utrecht, NL