Art and Contemporary Philosophy: New Materialism


A Sculpture Like You And Me – The Publication (2017)

In December 2016, I wrote an introduction to the publication A Sculpture Like You and Me, by artist Rosa Sijben and medical ethicist Sarah Boers. They met through the young academy program of the KNAW, which brings together young promising artist and scientist. They decided to collaborate creatively. They presented a performance, which played at several locations in Amsterdam and this publication. Their work explores and presents the intersections between their individual practices. In particular, the question of the interchangeable roles of persons and things, in performance and biotechnological science. My contribution considered the resonances of this interdisciplinary project with new perspectives in performance philosophy, such as new materialism and posthumanism.

I can definitely recommend the publication; it is both a beautiful documentation and a further reflection on their collaboration.  The publication was made possible by the Mondriaan Fonds. You can look at it further via the link above.