In this interdisciplinary project, I coached a collaboration between students of music, fine art and theatre. The students worked as a collective towards the creation of a performative event. Although the students could choose the focus of their process, I started the project by focussing on the practice and idea of camouflage. An interest that I picked up from one of the events of Platform Scenography. Camouflage, I believe, can help the students to think beyond disciplinary boundaries and can also raise questions about the boundaries between artistic practice and other practices. Questions that I asked the group were: How can we use camouflage to conceal the supposed differences between disciplines? How can we camouflage our art practice as another practice and vice versa? How does the practice of camouflage explore the boundaries between art and life?  The students took this starting point and developed it in several directions; they devised experiments in public space, created city tours and played games in which they followed uninformed participants.The picture above shows the documentation of a three-day experiment that mapped the location, practice and communication of others within the collective.