Presenting and moderating at Play/Perform/Participate conference

On April 17th I will present a paper at the conference of the International Society for Intermedial Studies. My paper deals with the operations of intermediality in the performance work Bimbo by the Dutch mime group Boogaerdt/Vanderschoot and is set to form a part of a panel on “technology and stages”. The paper is part of my research thesis and my participation in the conference was suggested by one of the co-organisers of the event: Utrecht University. I will also moderate a panel on Performative Research-Creation, Knowledge Production and Sharing, which I am very much looking forward too.

The conference deals with the intersections of play, performance and participation in contemporary mediatised culture. I am particularly interested in research into changing processes of participation and co-creation in politics and culture and look forward to keynote speaker Catherine D’Ignazio (MIT Center for Civic Media) who will introduce her research in the field of playful mapping, civic media and ‘engagement’ games.