As far as I remember

On 16th of June 2014, a new performance will première at CREA Amsterdam titled As far as I remember. In this project, I have researched, together with a group of students from Student Theatre Amsterdam, our relationship to the “fever” at the end of the sixties in Amsterdam. We are looking into different perspectives on the political riots, movements and subcultures of that time.The performance is devised from interviews, documentary material and contributions of the ensemble. We have recovered details forgotten by history and explore these by re-enacting what we believe has happened.

We have discovered that history itself is a machine of re-enactment. In the performance, 14 players will move through this machine and show their perspective on the events in Amsterdam at the end of the sixties.

I am looking forward to the steps in the process and the premiere!


This performance has finished now. Click here, for documentation.