NOI♀SE European Summerschool in Women’s Studies: Naturecultures in Feminist Academia, Art and Activism

From August 26-30, NOISE Summer school will take place at Het Huis, Utrecht. I am the head tutor of the summer school, which means that I am responsible for developing parts of the programme and for supporting the tutors. The programme introduces scholarship at the crossroads of gender studies, performance studies and philosophy of science and takes the concept of ‘naturecultures’, established by Donna Haraway in the Companion Species Manifesto(2003), as its starting point. Every day consists of lectures, plenary sessions and tutors groups in which we discuss case studies from science, ecofeminist activism and performance art. We will also visit the exhibition Yes, Naturally at Gemeentemuseum The Hague. The image you see is of Superflex’s Cockroach Tour which is part of the exhibition. I am looking forward to sharpening our collective understanding of the blurred boundaries between gendered pairs such as nature and culture, passive and active, body and mind.